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Daisy Raine

Sing, sing, sing 🎶

Yesterday I choose to go sing at the stake conference in September. Now that I’m thinking about it. That is going to be so nerve racking. The entire stake! That is going to be SO embarrassing! Oh my gosh. Plus. I was sick yesterday at rehearsal. So my voice was cracking and I sounded like a dying horse 😂. But it was fun overall. I enjoyed going outside of the house. I’m soooo nervous now that I think about it. But I guess everything happens for a reason. If I go to the 2nd and 3rd rehearsal then I basically HAVE to sing. Happy Monday!

xoxo Daisy Raine


Guess who’s sick! ME! I have a tiny fever of 100. Literally so small. But I’m glad it’s happing right now. Because if it happened even a week before the concert I would still be toast because I feel sick for about 3 days after I’m sick for really. And I’m normally sick for about 3 to 4 days. So let’s say it’s 4 days I’m actually sick. This it would be 7 days of being “sick”. So technically I would still be “sick” at the concert. I don’t typically get sick 2 times in a row. It takes about 2 more months to get sick again. I got sick in June. So it’s time to be sick again. Ugh. Anyways. Happy Sunday!

xoxo Daisy Raine

Baby chicks 😑

Today was clean out the baby chickens coop day. So I decided to put all of them in the play pin so I don’t have to watch them while I clean. But. Turns out I did have to watch them. Lemon (one of my babies) decided to learn how to fly over onto the fence. And she HAD to teach everyone else. So I had 3 babies on the fence getting ready to fly onto the ground. But thankfully I put them back in. In perfect timing. 😑. It was so stressful. But I’m so glad that it happened because I had an excuse to hold each and every one of them hehe. Happy Friday!

xoxo Daisy Raine