somethings you didn’t know about me :)

Hiiiiiii!!! As I was about to write this post I was super stuck on what to write about. We’re going to do a mix of all of my ideas! 😉 

1 song from each artist I like 

. Sofia Carson = I luv u  

. Kevin Quinn = it’s about time

. Tate McRae = boy x

. Lewis Capaldi = before you go

. New Rules = go the distance 

Next on my list are 10 movies I love

.  The Royal Treatment 

. A Week Away 

. Confession of a Shopaholic ( if you have seen this movie, don’t you just LOVE Luke?)

. Ever After

. Cinderella live action 

. Ella Enchanted 

. High School Musical 1-3 ( who doesn’t love these movies?)

. Father of the Bride 

. Yours Mine and Ours 

. Father of the Bride 2

Next are 10 things about me

. I’m only 5’2

. My favorite actors are Kevin Quinn, Mena Massoud, Hugh Dancy,  Kristofer Turner, and Sofia Carson

. I love plants in my room

. i love animals

. I lived outside of the U.S.

. I have always wanted to go to France 

. I love learning Portuguese but hate spelling it

. I love playing my really pink guitar 

. I LOVE romance movies 

. I’m the youngest person in my fam

Hope you have a good day. I leave you with a quote.

. an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So, when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great! .

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