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Hey, how are you today? I am so excited to share a story I just wrote. In joy.

Violet’s Chose 

By: Curly Cook


 Violet Kennedy was getting dressed when she heard her mother say,

 “Violet, your breakfast is ready and I would like you to enjoy it before you leave for school.  Will you please come downstairs?”

 Violet hurried to answer her back, “Yes Mama. I am on my way.” 

Mama was normally like this.  She encouraged her children to always be early and to never waste food. It was difficult to get food these days, especially now that Dad had lost his job. Violet sat on her green, cactus comforter putting on her white sneakers. Then she went to her light blue, fluffy chair to grab her backpack and happily went downstairs. Violet hugged her mother, after breakfast, and then left for school. 

Violet saw her friend, Harmony, in the hallway by their class.

“Hello Harmony, how are you today?”

“Good. And how are you my friend?”

“Good.  Thank you for asking,” Violet said with a smile.

“My dog just had puppies. Would you like to see them after school?”

“Yes. I would love to.”

Later in the afternoon.

“Excuse me dad, may I talk to you? 

“Yes. Come in my office and have a seat.”

“My friend Harmony’s dog just had puppies, and I was wondering if I could get one?”

“That’s wonderful Violet. You have been searching for the right puppy for so long. Do you really feel you found the one?”

“Yes Dad.  Harmony had the softest little puppy, with white spots on its feet.  I know she’s the one! But I have a problem.  The puppies are not for free.”

“How much is she selling them for?”

“Because they are pure-bred golden retrievers, they can sell their puppies for quite a lot of money. But she said they are willing to sell one to me for $60.”

“Oh,” thought Violet’s dad, “I understand Violet.  May I talk with your mother about this, before I give you a discussion?”

“Yes Daddy.”  And Violet gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

Later, at dinner.

“Violet, your mother and I have talked, and we feel that we would like you to learn how to be more responsible.  So we think it is a good idea for you to buy this puppy.  We understand that the puppy will cost $60, but we are willing to pay $30 dollars, if you are willing to work for the other $30 dollars?  We trust that you could find work to do around the neighborhood, to help you earn the money you need.  How do you feel about this?” asked Dad.

“Dad, I think it will work. I am willing to earn the money to buy the puppy, as well as the money needed to take care of it,” said Violet happily.

Violet woke up early the next morning, it was a good thing her parents were up. It was Saturday and she could get more done, then on a school day. 

“Mama, is it ok if I go work at Mr. Dewier after breakfast?” ask Violet 

“Yes, that’s fine but how long are you wanting to work today?”ask Mama.

“Well I would like to earn at least 5 dollars today,” said Violet 

“That’s a very good idea, not setting to high expectations,” said Mama.

“Thank you mama,” said Violet 

At lunch time

“Mama, Mama, I got 5 dollars from  Mr. Dewier, and he said that at 1:00 o’clock I could return to weed his backyard” said Violet 

‘How did you get 5 dollars?”asked Mama

“Well, I mowed  his lawn, then weeded his front yard, and then I made him cookies,” replied Violet.

Mama asked, “Was it fun?” 

“Yes it was, and he loved the cookies”, said Violet. 

“For lunch there are some potatoes and some salad,” said Mama

“Thank you Mama,” said Violet 

Violet finished her lunch and went to Mr. Dewier, after an hour or so she came home and went to her room to count all her money. This time he did not give her dollar bills, he gave her change, so she counted out  what she had.

“Mama, I earned $10 dollars today from Mr. Dewier,” said Violet so happy she was trying not to jump up and down,

“That’s good, you just have $20 more dollars to earn,” said Mama 

“Now you better sit down so you don’t fall,” Mama pointed out

“Ok Mama I am just so excited I can hardly read a book like I was going to do,” Violet said

On Monday morning Violet was up and dressed and making breakfast. She wanted to tell her dad how much more money she needed and she was so excited. 

“Oh, what’s for breakfast”, dad asked 

“ just some eggs and toast and hot cocoa because it is chilly today”, replied Violet 

“Well thank you for making breakfast today I was going to but you did”said Dad happily

I am just so exited to tell Harmony that i will be buying her puppy” said Violet 

“ that’s good” answered Dad

“Dad I just have to earn 20 more dollars and then I can buy the puppy.     

When she finished breakfast Violet went to school, she was excited. 

When she got there she saw a boy with glasses that had tape holding them together and she felt bad, but she saw her friend Harmony so she went to her.

“Harmony I got 10 dollars so I can buy your puppy” said Violet 

“That’s good” Harmony said with a smile 

“Are you going to keep one of the puppies”? asked Violet 

“Yes I asked my dad and he said I could” said Harmony 

“Hey Harmony did you see that new boy, I think his name was Fred” asked Violet 

“I have been seeing him looking at a picture for a long time” said Harmony 

Later after school Violet went to the library and asked if she could get a day job like she was telling her dad about. She got the job of putting books away. She worked each day after school until 4:30 PM.  At the end of two weeks, she earned  20 dollars. She ran home as fast as she could and went to her mother and said:

“Mama I got all the money I need for the puppy” said Violet.

“That is great! Do you want to buy the puppy now?” asked her mother.

“ If that is ok with you , I would” said Violet 

“ that’s fine.  Here is the 30 dollars we promised you. Please be back before 6:30 .” said her mother.

Violet ran to Harmony’s house, which is by the grocery store and she saw the new boy .  Violet was in a hurry to get the puppy, but she stopped and talked to the new boy.

“Hello, what’s your name” Violet asked.

“Hi my name is Fred what is yours? Fred asked

“My name is Violet” answered Violet 

“What are you looking at? Violet asked 

“This is a picture of the glasses that I want, but my family does not have the money for them” said Fred

“How much are they”? Violet asked 

“They are 60 dollars” said Fred 

“Here take this” said Violet handing over her money for the puppy 

“Oh thank you” said Fred rejoicing

They said their goodbyes and left. Violet came home empty handed.

“Where is your puppy”? Mama asked 

“I gave my money to the new boy Fred so he could buy his new glasses” Violet said.

“That was the kindest thing I have ever heard a young girl do”. Mama replied 

Later her Dad came home from telling Harmony’s dad we were not going to buy their puppy because Violet gave her money away. Later that night at 6:30 a knock was at the door. Violet opened it and it was Harmony’s Dad with the puppy Violet wanted.

“Your father told me what you did with your money and I felt like I should give this to you for free.” Harmony’s dad said.

“Oh, thank you” said Violet over joyed.

“I am going to name you Apricot” said Violet. 

                                                  THE END

here is where I got the puppy picture


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