#3 Small and Simple Things

Hey guys. Hope alls going well with you all. We are currently still in the RV. We have started homeschool again and we are doing well. For my literature lessons these last few days, I was required to write an essay on Small Things That Can Make A Big Difference. After reading it to my sisters and my mom, my mom said that I should put it on my blog. So here you go. Here’s my essay on …

Small Things That Can Make A Big Difference

By: Joy Boy

In Alma 37:6 in the Book of Mormon—Another Testament of Jesus Christ, it says “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass”. For example, saving money is not hard, and doing chores or drawing a picture is not like running a marathon, but these small and simple things done on a consistent basis can bring big blessings to your life.

In life, we have more and more responsibilities as we get older. One of them is learning to saving money. Saving money is important. As it is said, “you should save some money for a rainy day.” This means that when times get hard and you are out of a job, if you’ve saved money “for a rainy day” then hopefully you can get by until you get a new job. But, what does this have to do with learning to saving money now? For practice! Also, so you can create a good habit of it, and if it’s a habit now, and you keep practicing, you will be able to save money in and for the future.

Another small and simple thing that can help you in the future would be chores. Chore are important as well. In our family, we do a “family chore” every day. These chore can vary from dusting a room to mopping floors, but we only do one a day. At first I saw no point to these tasks. But as I got older I realized that because I am  learning to work and to clean a house, I can now clean my own house/apartment when I am older. Also, when I go on my mission I can help and teach my companions to clean up messes. Plus, chores can also teach responsibility for your own home. That’s why chore are important for me. I hope they will become important for you as well.

Not all small and simple things have to be work for them to have great things come to pass. For example, drawing isn’t work, but by practicing and doing it every day it can become a great skill. The book “Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin” teaches a lot about art and it’s importance. Something I learned from the book is that drawing can be a useful tool for capturing nature and its beauty. I think it is a wonderful idea to paint or draw pictures of winter, spring, summer, and fall to look at all year long. Also, looking at pictures of nature can also help you to appreciate real nature. I wasn’t very good at drawing a few years ago. But now, after drawing almost every day in Family Devotional, I am a better artist. Which goes to show that practice makes perfect.

In conclusion, I suggest we try our best to use and strengthen our small and simple things. And if we use our gifts to serve, we will be blessed. Whether it be washing dishes, painting a landscape, or spending money. We should do our best.

The End

I hope that you enjoyed my essay. Have good week.


3 thoughts on “#3 Small and Simple Things

  1. Joy Boy! This is amazing! It’s such great writing but also the lessons you’ve learned are incredible!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You’re a very talented writer! I especially liked how you talked about using our gifts to serve. Thanks!

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