#2 Connecting With Nature

Hello again. Today as me and my mom were going over my literature lesson and checking it, we came across an essay i wrote a few days ago about connecting with nature and my mom said I needed to put it on my blog. So here it is.

Two hundred years ago, most people lived surrounded by fields, farms, and forests. The wonders of nature and its beauty were probably very tempting to children like me who are inside learning. Yes, learning is good for you, but there are also great benefits in connecting with nature. That’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Nature can help improve your mood and mental Heath. For example, simply viewing beautiful pictures of nature can have beneficial effects. Patients have been shown to recover more quickly simply by being exposed to images of nature. For me that seems amazing. Unfortunately, if you are just going on a walk around the city or something like that, being outside isn’t enough; Green space is needed. Studies show that walking down a busy city street or playing outside on cement is not nearly as beneficial to your well-being as being in places that have trees, grass, and plants. I myself have seen the difference between playing in a gated community with no backyard and only roads, vs. a huge backyard and property to roam around. It’s truly amazing.

Nature helps improve physical health. There are more reasons to connect with nature. For example, studies have shown that 30 minutes a day outside can result in a better night’s sleep. Also, new research has found that being in nature actually boosts the immune system. I play outside almost every day in the woods nearby and I’ve notice that I sleep better, I have more energy, and that I’m getting stronger. So, if you live near a wide open green area or some woods, I advise you to try to get outside more.

Nature can also improve academics and behavior.”Studies in the US show that schools that use outdoor classrooms and other forms of nature-based experiential education support significant student gains in social studies, science, language arts, and math. Students in outdoor science programs improve their science testing scores by 27%.” (The Natural Learning Initiative, Why Naturalize Outdoor Learning Environments, January 2012). I think it would be fun, engaging, and educational if they did school outside.

As shown in the essay, the outdoors can be a lot more than just a scenic view. It can be a help to us mentally and physically. It can help you to learn more, and appreciate your surroundings. I hope you enjoyed my essay. See you next time.

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2 thoughts on “#2 Connecting With Nature

  1. Okay this was an awesome essay! First of all I LOVE NATURE and secondly it was very well written! You even cited a couple studies and your sources! Well done! I agree with everything you said about being out in nature and guess what?!? I’m taking my kids hiking in the mountains tomorrow and I’m so excited!! I hope you keep up playing in nature!! ❤️

  2. Well written and thought out. I also am amazed at the power of being outside in nature can have in my life. Thanks for sharing!

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