#18 – Why I Blog!

Hey, what’s up? Ok so I have been ask by some friends: “ Why did you start a blog”? Well one of the reasons was because my sister and brother had one and I wanted one too. Second, because I want to help and inspire people. And that’s all. But I hope that you get inspired with some of my posts I will hopefully learn to start writing posts more. I need to know if this is what I want to do with my time. But for now, I love having a blog and having comments. I love hearing what you think of all my posts and I am so grateful for Allison. She has always read my post which helps A LOT because sometimes I feel like people don’t read my blog which is hard for me. But why I do this is because I love to share what I think and what I think is fun, cool, and inspiring. 

Here is a quote I love.  

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “#18 – Why I Blog!

  1. I love the thought you added at the end! Thank goodness “ Bad days come to an end!” I’m sure glad you blog!!

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