#17 – Living in an RV

Hey you all what’s up? Hows it been? So I know I have not been writing a lot but being in a RV for like 3 moths almost has got me forgetting A LOT so ya. Well if you are wondering what been going on I will give you a short summary, I have been living in an RV. Hahah that’s not all, I have been doing: hanging with the bunnies, playing with the new baby cat Marco, playing with Momo my best friend goat, driving the tractor, playing in a fort, and playing with my best friend, and doing school, going on field trips, and going to the store A LOT! But that’s all. Oh and waiting for snow. Thanks to a second cousin I know that it will be HOT HOT HOT but I will survive I hope, thanks. But lots of fun. So what have you been doing? Leave in the comments,The whole reason I did this post was to give you all 6 ideas on what to do when you are bored:

1: Listen to LDS youth music remixes❤️ Strive to Be – Topic

2: Color in a coloring book or print some coloring pages.

3: Learn to write a song

4: Learn how to draw something you think is cool. 

5: Call a relative you haven’t called for A LONG TIME, they still need love.

6: Read a blog.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “#17 – Living in an RV

  1. I’m just seeing this post from almost two months ago! I’ve got some catching up to do!!
    Thanks for the ideas for when I’m bored!! Love you cutie!

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