#17 – Living in an RV

Hey you all what’s up? Hows it been? So I know I have not been writing a lot but being in a RV for like 3 moths almost has got me forgetting A LOT so ya. Well if you are wondering what been going on I will give you a short summary, I have been living in an RV. Hahah that’s not all, I have been doing: hanging with the bunnies, playing with the new baby cat Marco, playing with Momo my best friend goat, driving the tractor, playing in a fort, and playing with my best friend, and doing school, going on field trips, and going to the store A LOT! But that’s all. Oh and waiting for snow. Thanks to a second cousin I know that it will be HOT HOT HOT but I will survive I hope, thanks. But lots of fun. So what have you been doing? Leave in the comments,The whole reason I did this post was to give you all 6 ideas on what to do when you are bored:

1: Listen to LDS youth music remixes❤️ Strive to Be – Topic

2: Color in a coloring book or print some coloring pages.

3: Learn to write a song

4: Learn how to draw something you think is cool. 

5: Call a relative you haven’t called for A LONG TIME, they still need love.

6: Read a blog.

Thanks for reading.

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