#1 My RV Trip Project

Hello again. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. So sorry. But to make up for that, let me tell you about what’s been happening recently. If you’ve read my mom and/or my sister’s blog, than you probably know that we: left Costa Rica, went on an RV trip through the top of the USA, and now we are in the process of finding a house in Virginia. Now, in order to pass off the trip as school work, we are each doing an “RV project”.

At first, I was going to do a drawing for each state we visited, but after the first day of drawing (and with my mom’s help) I decided on another project. I decided to write a blog post about our RV trip! This way I don’t have to draw something from every single state we visited, but I will be able to go back on my blog and remember this wonderfully educational trip.

So here we go. I’m going to split the trip up into 8 different sections and you get to read them. The first section we’re going to talk about is about:

The RV (Recreational Vehicle), The Many Things We’ve Done In It, And Where It Has Been.

This 39 ft Winnebago Journey DL RV, which we call home for the time being, has been a great blessing to my family and I.

This RV is spacious! Two areas on the RV extend, giving us lots of extra room when we are not driving. The RV consists of: a driver and a shotgun seat at the front, a living room/bedroom for the kids (a couch bed for two and a cot), a descent sized kitchen with a table/bed, the bathroom with a separate toilet room, and the master bedroom with a large enough closet for the 5 of us to store our things.

It is a tiny bit cramped when the extensions are pulled in, but it is a great size to live in when extended. This beast has been many places including, unfortunately, stuck in the mud and a few mechanic shops. We’ve slept in many a Walmart parking lots in this vehicle. Personally, I enjoy living in it. I admit there are some flaws that I don’t enjoy. Like having to make and undo the couch bed I share with Curly Cook. But other than that, life’s been great and meals have been even better. Now to the next subject, which is:

Places We’ve Been.

Throughout this trip we have been to many states, each one different in its own way. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the marvelous things that our Heavenly Father has created here on earth.

A few of the places we saw were: Lake Tahoe, The Redwoods, Blue Heron French Cheese Company, Tillamook Ice Cream Factory, Glacier National Park, and many more places. I remember that in the Oregon Coast there was a huge sand dune that I climbed and slid down. That was very fun! Most of the time we were on the road, but there was always time to enjoy nature, and delicious cheese and ice cream. This trip has also made it possible for us to see many states. 23 to be exact. The next thing I’m going to talk about is:

Two Things That Ripped During This Trip.

As you can see in the picture, a tire and my pants ripped in the same day. I’m pretty sure you noticed that I said the RV has been to some mechanic shops. Well, that wheel was only one of the few problems that we had to take to a mechanic. As for my pants, other than some humiliation, that problem was fixed by throwing away the old ones and getting 2 new pairs at Walmart.

Now I will stray from that very revealing topic (wink wink) and talk about:

A Few Fun Things We’ve Seen On This Trip.

As you can see in the pictures, we saw a “tow mater” (as my mom calls this guy) on the side of the road. We also stopped at a cool art park.

I really enjoyed the many cool shapes and colors that the art had. And as an added bonus, there was an amazingly shaped building across the street. My mom also took a picture of a “Welcome to Seaside Oregon” sign. I really enjoy this sign be cause of the lanterns and shapes in it. Next I’m going to talk about:

Our Family Photos.

At first I thought that taking a picture as a family at EVERY place we went to was annoying and unnecessary. But looking back, now I realize that our family photos are important for my project and so we can remember things that we might forget in the future. We have a family photo in 23 states.

These are only a few of the places we took pictures at. I think that another reason family photos are important is for family history, which we did every Sunday in Costa Rica. I’ve gotten out of the habit, since we moved to the USA, which isn’t a good thing. Speaking of photos, now I’m going to talk about:

Friends And Relatives.

In the pictures below, you can see we also took pictures with some friends and relatives that we saw on our trip.

We got to see some family and friends throughout our trip, including: my Uncle Brad, his girlfriend, and our two cousins; our grandparents on my dad’s side; two of dad’s cousins and their families; some friends from Costa Rica; a past work friend of my dad’s (who owns an apple orchard) and his family; one of mom’s cousins; and my grandma on my mom’s side. We’ve had a lot of fun with all of these families. The next topic is:

Church History Sites.

These beautiful and historic sites, each being different in their own way, are mostly where Joseph Smith and the Saints lived. Some of them, like Martin’s Cove, are places where the Saints awaited for help.

We also got to see some temples and statues, which I thought were very beautiful. For me, seeing the temple is very special because of the feeling I get. I really enjoy having the Spirit with me whenever I see or go into a temple. I also really enjoyed seeing a few of Joseph Smith’s homes and the homes of the Saints as well. Something that bothered me, as we looked at a few of the sites, was most of the sites had something from the RLDS church. This bothered me a lot because I disagreed with the information they share. It makes me feel bad if other people that haven’t studied about it, just believe it. But that’s a part of life. Other than that, I really enjoyed seeing the sites. Last but not least, I’m going to talk about:


I know this sounds like I’m going off topic, but these pictures are of the many cool bridges that we saw on the road.

For me these are very cool bridges. My personal favorite is the top left. Feel free to tell me your favorite bridge in the comments below. These bridges are very cool and I love how each one is different and unique in its own way. In the true words of Spider-Ham in Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse, “That’s all folks”. Sincerely,

5 thoughts on “#1 My RV Trip Project

  1. Joy Boy! This is amazing! I love the format you decided on! You saw so many cool things! I loved looking at your pictures because we’ve to so many of those places recently! We were just in Oregon last year and I ran down that sand hill too! 😉
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your trip!! 🤗

  2. Woot! What a fun trip, I love all the details and different categories. You were even brave to show the ripped pants picture- way to not be embarrassed and just laugh at it. Good job on your blog post!

  3. This is so cool! I love how you separated the pics into things you have seen. The bridges are my favorites. What an incredible adventure you are having!!! Keep posting! I love reading about what you are doing 🙂

  4. WOW! That was so cool. I don’t know why you didn’t like pictures they were my favorite part. I loved being able to see you guys and enjoy seeing how happy you were. The pictures made it fun for me, it gave me a glimpse into your trip that I would not have gotten with just words. You guys are so awesome and I miss you so much! Thanks

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