15 – My 12 Goals!!!๐Ÿ˜œ

Ok so I am sort of coping my sister on this one but I want to do it so I am. I am turning 12 in January so that is a long way away so it goes my a ton of time๐Ÿ˜. So I am all good. So let’s get all those goals done.

The first goal is to finish the Book Of Mormon backward.

My second goal is to go all the way down in my middle splits.

My third goal is to learn a song called Golden Gate

My fourth is to get abbs .

My fifth is to do a back walkover.

My sixth is to do a front walkover

my seventh is to do a spider cartweel

My eighth is to wake โฐ up early.

My ninth is to post a post two times a week.

Mondayโ€™s and Friday’s

My tenth is to do the walk of the earth song hold on.

My eleventh is to learn My Girl by Dillen Scott in asl.

My twelfth is sort of a copy of Ginger Snap but it is a good one. My twelfth i’s to finish all these goals.

And here is a song for you all just to finish for the day since I have been listening to it the whole time.

Love you all.

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