#13 – Sniff Sniff!!

Hey you all. Today I am sad but glad to say that my pet bird has died! The best blessing that I got was to hold her before she died. Last night she picked almost all her feathers off. It was very sad she had almost no feathers but she had to die today. She was a God-given blessing to our family. I wish she did not have to die today but it was what was best for her. I know God gave me a blessing to know she was going to die. Just because she is gone does not mean my life is gone too. I know she is in heaven with God and will always be in my heart ❤️ I love her so much and know she loves me too. And loves biting me too. Thanks so much for reading this post. Here are some pics of her before she died and with like no feathers!

2 thoughts on “#13 – Sniff Sniff!!

  1. Oh Curly Cook I’m so so sorry 😭 I’m glad you feel peace about it all! She was a sweet bird! ❤️

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