# 12 – Mystery Post!!!

Ok I have been planning this post for a very long time. Well since yesterday. This post is not like an ordinary post I’ve done this post is about my Mom. My mom is very lovable super easy to talk and she’s always trying to help you do better things than she did in her past. That’s exactly why I wanted to write this post because I love her so much I can’t tell her personally so I decided to write a post on her so that I can be able to explain without telling her physically so I hope you like this post and if you do please comment down below if you have something amazing to say about my mom If you don’t please don’t comment. My mom has so many different friends from different places different countries and it’s amazing she’s always trying to help others and she’s Extremely talented and she will always try something if she feels like she needs to. She always involves Christ in our lives no matter what even if what we’re doing has nothing to do with Christ but The truth is everything has to do with Christ. He’s the one who created the earth he’s the one who suffered so that’s why she’s always trying to put him in her life she was even brave enough to have us homeschool Most of the time we drive her crazy 🤪so that’s how I look at my mom. she’s strong and she always loves us no matter what even if we do something really wrong or drive her crazy Or don’t do our chores and we just do stuff that we’re not supposed to like playing with her toys during school hours 😜 Even if she’s suffering she’ll never tell us what’s the time she’ll just tell dad and Heavenly Father I know what my mom does is incredible living in a foreign country not speaking the language And going to church in Spanish I think she’s real Incredible My mom can be very difficult sometimes but in the end I always love her and that’s exactly why I write this post is because she needs to read things not hear these things I can’t tell her because it would be too hard.


2 thoughts on “# 12 – Mystery Post!!!

  1. Curly Cook!! What an awesome tribute to your wonderful mother! She is an amazing lady who has so many talents that she is willing to share with everyone around her! She is one of the most selfless people I know! I also admire the way she lives her life so close to the Spirit and she does always stay close to the Savior! You are one lucky girl to have a mom like her!! I love you both! 🥰

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