#9- Pics I Took.

Hello. This is going to be the best post ever. To I was going to have Joy Boy take my pics but I changed my mind. So I went out side and took some selves. I know I am just 11 but it was so so fun and I will from now on take selves when Joy Boy dose not want to. Or when I do not what him to. I will not be a mean sister and just say when I dose not what to. Ok here are the pics.

I have to say this dose look a lot like me.
I love my smile.
This is totally me.
ok this looks like my second moms hair. Well she is my dads cosine so ya.
I love the sun.
ok this is so funny
this is funny

Well that is the end sorry is so short but it’s the best I can do.

One thought on “#9- Pics I Took.

  1. You just made me smile!!! I love your hair SO much! That first picture with it sticking straight up is AWESOME!!

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