#8- My Violin

Hey you guys what is up? Well today I am going to share some pictures of me and my violin yes my violin. I love to play it but some times it is hard but I get though it. I always try my best not to get mad and my violin for not sounding good, yes I know I am crazy for trying not to get mad at it. Today I played the violin for 20 minutes. 🙂 I am so happy well here are the pics.

This is Joy Boy photography all of it.
This has got to be my favorite one of them all.
Do you like my violin cello? I do.
I am saving the world with my trusty violin

Thank you all so much for reading and seeing. Please cheek out my other posts.

One thought on “#8- My Violin

  1. I’m so proud of you for practicing the violin! I loved that you played for me when I was there!! I wish I could play the violin!!
    Love you!

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