#6 – 12 Christmas Movies I Love

Hey you guys. Today I am going to share Christmas movies that I LOVE. Yes, I know that I have done this before, but this is about Christmas movies. So enjoy, and please share what movies you like in the comments.

1. “A Christmas Prince”

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2. “Christmas Prince 2”

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3. “Christmas Prince 3”

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4. “Princess Switch”

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5. “Santa Clause”

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6. “Santa Clause 2”

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7. “Santa Clause 3”

Image result for SANTA CLAUSE 3

8. “White Christmas

Image result for christmas movies white christmas

9. “Home Alone 1”

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10. “Home Alone 2”

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11. “Arthur Christmas”

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12. “Joulutarina” This is a very good movie. My mom loves it, so do I. We watch it every Christmas. This movie is from Finland, but it has wonderful English dubbing. It was on Amazon this year, I recommend you watch it. It is called “Christmas Story” in English.

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Thank you so much for reading. Good-bye, see you next time.

2 thoughts on “#6 – 12 Christmas Movies I Love

  1. Curly Cook!!! I have seen all these except the last one! I hope it’s still on Amazon so we can watch it! I watched all the royal movies including the baby one and I love the princess switch it’s super cute! We only watched the first Santa Claus this year we didn’t watch the second or third but I have seen them and I like them that’s a good list good list of movies! Good job!

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