#3 The Best Smores.

Hello!!! How are you all? I hope you are good. Today I have a fun adventure to tell you all. Today I made smores. Have you heard of such things? If you want to make them, follow this recipe!!

One or two marshmallows.

A gas range, with medium heat.

Graham crackers, or a favorite cookie.  

Hershey spread.

Safe stick to cook them with.

First put the marshmallow on the safe stick. Turn on the gas burner. Cook the marshmallow by slowly turning it.

Add the Hershey spread onto your cracker or cookie. Once your marshmallow is done, put it on the cracker with Hershey spread. Then put the other cracker on top. Get a plate and ENJOY!!!

Hope you enjoy this yummy dessert.

Love, Curly Cook

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